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Without Your Courage - TJ Whittle

What does courage look like to you? Is it a young girl facing an unwanted marriage? Does it echo the fears of a spouse exposing their secret? Is it the strength of a young woman protecting her unborn child? Perhaps it’s as simple as a first kiss.

Without Your Courage takes us to Auckland, New Zealand and the surrounding countryside, to join the lives of four strong women.

1940s. Violet and Charlotte form a beautiful friendship while John’s away at war.

What will happen when he returns?

Present Day. An accident introduces Ella and Gemma, who struggle to define their new friendship across the barrier of age.

Four women with their lives entwined.

Will they find the love they seek?

The Witch’s Daughter   - Rae D. Magdon

Ailynn Gothel has always been the perfect daughter. Thanks to her mother's teachings, she knows how to heal the sick, conjure the elements, and take care of Raisa, her closest and dearest friend. But when Ailynn's feelings for Raisa grow deeper, her simple life falls apart. Her mother hides Raisa deep in a cave to shield her from the world, and Ailynn must leave home in search of a spell to free her. While the kingdom beyond the forest is full of dangers, Ailynn’s greatest fear is that Raisa will no longer want her when she returns. She is a witch’s daughter, after all—and witches never get their happily ever after.

I Love My Life   - AJ Adaire

Betrayal by her former partner sends Chris Baxter fleeing to Maine. To escape the monotony of staring at the four walls of her isolated cabin, she enrolls in a sailing class. 

A chance pairing with Stephanie Kincaid and her cohorts, Tina and Terry, offers an opportunity for new friendship. Their shared homework assignment might offer Chris the potential for more than just knowledge of navigation. 

An urgent message interrupts the classmates’ sailing vacation along the coast of Maine. While Chris rushes back to her twin’s bedside, the others remain onboard to sail back to their homeport. Will the revelations from her ex, her sister, and her family, change everything in the new life that Chris has rebuilt?

Coming in 2015

S.L. Kassidy - New Cuts, Old Wounds (Scarred Series Book 2) (June 2015)

Beth Wylde - Wylde About Her (June 2015)

Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly - Starless Nights (Dark Horizons Book 2) (August 2015)

AJ Adaire - A Journey To You (August 2015)

Rae D. Magdon - Death Wears Yellow Garters

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