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It’s Complicated  - AJ Adaire

Victoria Branningham has a guilty pleasure.    

Daily, despite feeling that she should be elsewhere, she waits on the boardwalk to see the woman and catch her scent in the wind as she jogs by.

The runner, Beverly McMannis, new to town and lonely, welcomes an opportunity to get together with Victoria. 

The night they meet, Victoria explains that she isn’t available for a relationship. Bev promises that she can handle that and welcomes Victoria’s friendship.

But promises aren’t always kept and love isn’t always easy...sometimes it’s complicated.

Chronicals of Osota (Warrior Series) — Michelle Magly

Alina knew that one day she would return to the heartland of Osota, even after eleven years of isolation. But how could she know her return to the capital would coincide with the arrival of young Warrior-in-training Senri?

Beautiful and strong, Senri makes for a pleasant distraction from Alina's troubles. But as the prospective ruler of a nation, Alina can hardly devote time to pursuing a romance. As a new threat looms over the kingdom of Osota, she is left with little choice but to turn to Senri for help.

Please Baby — SL Kassidy 

Jayce Newtons's life is going downhill after she rescues her little niece from an awful situation. She plans to hold onto her niece and gain custody of her, but there are some factors against her. Her girlfriend doesn't want the baby around. Her mother wants to take the baby from her, and her brother has disappeared. Things only seem to get worse when Gus Tucker comes into her life.

Gus Tucker's life isn't going much better. She recently divorced her wife and moved into a new home. She's looking forward to a new start and spending time with her sister. Before she can do that, though, she ends up causing trouble for Jayce Newton, getting her fired from her job and kicked out of her home. She tries to make it up to Jayce by taking her in during her ti me of need. Now, it's just a struggle to see if they're able to coexist in the same house with a baby between them.

Scarred For Life (Revised Edition) — SL Kassidy

Dane Wolfe is a loner. Forsaken by her family and betrayed by people close to her, she has lost all faith in people and spends her days wondering the streets with no direction or meaning. She drifts through life, existing and nothing more.

Nicole Cardell is a successful, attorney. She has too much faith in people and is being taken advantage of by her boyfriend, Tyler, Dane’s cousin. She’s tired of his selfish ways and tosses him out. The bad relationship leaves her questioning her judgment.

Circumstances bring Dane and Nicole together and a friendship brings them closer. They’re able to heal each other and bring balance to each other’s lives. Their peace is shattered when family causes trouble and tears them apart. Will they find their path back to each other and to the love that was slowly growing?

Wolf’s Eyes (Book 2 of the Amendyr Series) Rae D. Magdon

ELEANOR OF SANDLEFORD'S entire world is shaken when her father marries the mysterious, reclusive Lady Kingsclere to gain her noble title. Ripped away from the only home she has ever known, Ellie is forced to live at Baxstresse Manor with her two new stepsisters, Luciana and Belladonna. Luciana is sadistic, but Belladonna is the woman who truly haunts her. When her father dies and her new stepmother goes suddenly mad, Ellie is cheated out of her inheritance and forced to become a servant. With the help of a shy maid, a friendly cook, a talking cat, and her mysterious second stepsister, Ellie must stop Luciana from using an ancient sorcerer’s chain to bewitch the handsome Prince Brendan and take over the entire kingdom of Seria.

Coming Soon in 2015

AJ Adaire - AJ’s Friends Series Bundle (e-book only) Get all four books at one time. 

AJ Adaire - I Love My Life (March 2015)

Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly - Starless Nights (Dark Horizons Book 2); All The Pretty Things This is a revised and reedited version of the story they released in 2013.

Rae D. Magdon - The Witch’s Daughter (Amendyr Series Book 3) (April 2015)

S.L. Kassidy - New Cuts, Old Wounds (Scarred Series Book 2) (April 2015)

Beth Wylde - Wylde About Her (May 2015)

TJ Whittle - Without Your Courage (debut novel - May 2015)

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