December 2013

   What an incredible year 2013 has been, and I can hardly believe that the last day of the year has arrived. Desert Palm Press published its first book June 1st, and what an amazing roller coaster ride it has been since then. For every novel published, there’s a group of dedicated individuals who’ve helped make it happen. These are the ones that find that typo and misplaced comma, who read the same manuscript over and over to make it the best reading experience it can be. You know who you are and I thank you. 

   I cannot believe the learning curve I have been on. I liken it to climbing K2. And the social marketing...I am a semi-recluse and a bit anti-social at times. Even my grandchildren are amazed that I am learning to tweet. Plus, what’s up with Facebook? Thank you, Jan, for the website and for keeping it tidy. 

   The year 2014 will see us very busy. AJ Adaire has another book coming out in February, Book 3 of the Friends Series - Anything Your Heart Desires. She also has several more in the pipeline. S.L. Kassidy has her second book coming out in April. For those of you who have been awaiting paperback editions, we hope to have those available to you beginning in February. Sooner if possible. 

   In January we will be welcoming the addition of two new authors— stay tuned for the announcement. Paperwork, it is all about the paperwork.

   A big ‘thank you’ to the readers. Thank you for buying our novels, leaving the amazing reviews, and telling us through all the media sources how much you are enjoying the books we are publishing. Your encouragement truly helps push us forward. 

   Bright blessings and much peace and kindness in the new year.


R. Lee Fitzsimmons, Publisher

Desert Palm Press

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