TJ Whittle


TJ Whittle sees herself as many things and happily puts being a mother at the top of her list. With three teenagers, there is never a dull moment but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a Mum is not simply something she does, but is a role she cherishes, believing that it is not only the most challenging role she will ever take on, but hands down the most rewarding.

For TJ 2013 and 2014 bought some tough times. During these she rediscovered her love of reading. Picking up AJ Adaire’s Sunset Island, TJ was able to lose herself in these characters and the love that developed between them. This led to more books and before long TJ found she had stories of her own she wanted to share. This led to her first novel, Without Your Courage, being written. There are plenty more, their ideas written down roughly, waiting to be developed, with her second book underway.

Having been born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, TJ is very proud to be a kiwi. She grew up in a society where everyone knew their neighbour’s and kids played out till after dark. Where kids roamed freely between houses and everyone looked out for one another.

TJ loves to spend time in nature, the beach being one of her favorite places. Regardless the season, the beach is somewhere TJ is always sure to come away from feeling calm and refreshed. A day by the water’s edge with her family, laughing, playing, exploring, is to TJ a day of making memories. 






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