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Hi - my name is Peet and I am one of the Three Whisketeers.  My Mom - Choate - ask me to introduce her.  You may know us as Peet (aka Peet Den on facebook) or Peetsden (at live journal).  We are avid readers of fanfiction - I like J7 but my Mom is really focused on Mirandy.  She is a beta-reader for a number of wonderful authors and a member of a multitude of ff communities.

Having read and edited and enjoyed all those amazing stories, she decided to dip her toe into the author pool and write her own original story.  She’s writing a science-fiction trilogy and is now a member of the Desert Palm Press family!  Starbuck, Aonie and I are really excited about it.  There are some really great furkids in her new book.

My Mom is a scientist by vocation and avocation but she hasn’t limited her life to science.  Right now she is totally focused on road cycling (much to the amusement of my siblings and I).  Why anyone would sit on a stationary trainer and ride hundreds of miles in their living room is beyond us?! 

We live in the Rocky Mountains and love watching the wildlife outside our windows, reading about scientific discoveries, photography, trekking and road trips, and cooking.  Mom says I’m not that big a help in the kitchen.  Watch for her debut novel A Quantum Convergence, book one of the Nexus Trilogy, coming in 2016.

Peet, Aonie and Starbuck - the Three Whiskteers

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